Wheelchair Van Financing Sources

If you’re wondering how you can buy a handicap van after spending thousands of dollars on medical expenses, you’re not alone. You’ll be happy to know there are a number of wheelchair van financing sources available to you through loans, grants and other funding sources. Look here for all your funding options, along with tips that are right on the money to help fund a wheelchair van partially or completely!

  • Apply for a Wheelchair Van Grant
    The Internet and, particularly, AMS Vans are great resources for finding non-profits that provide wheelchair van grants. More than likely, there’s an organization dedicated to help you fund a wheelchair van.
  • Get A Loan
    If you believe you have the necessary credit, a loan from a bank or other financial institution is probably the quickest way to park an accessible van in your driveway unless, of course, you have means to pay for the vehicle completely out of pocket.
  • Government Assistance
    Find government funding for a wheelchair accessible van if your on Social Security Income (SSI) or a disabled American veteran.
  • Host a Fundraiser
    You can put the “fun” in fundraiser with an imaginative idea and a little help from family and friends. Here are just a few of dozens of ideas: host a 5K/wheelchair race in your community, a Bingo night, a series of bake sales, host a spaghetti dinner at your house of worship, hold a carwash or an auction of items donated by family and friends.
  • Mobility Rebates
    Rebate offers are available direct from many vehicle manufacturers, and you can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of them, but only when leasing or purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Six Steps to Funding a Wheelchair Van
    So often, people with disabilities and their families, who have already spent thousands of dollars in medical care, can’t even fathom the idea of owning a handicap accessible van—a vehicle that can provide mobility, freedom and independence they never thought possible. But it IS possible.
  • Tips for Funding a Handicap Van
    You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s often harder for people in wheelchairs to get a loan for a handicap accessible van than it is for a standard automobile. An accessible van contains a conversion that typically includes a ramp, a wheelchair-restraint system and enough space in the cabin to accommodate not only the wheelchair user, but other passengers as well.