Apply for a Wheelchair Van Grant

There are a number of non-profit agencies which offer free money to people who want to purchase a handicap accessible van or vehicle, and it will take you some time to identify these agencies. The Internet is a great resources for finding non-profits that provide wheelchair van grants. More than likely, there’s an organization dedicated to help you fund a wheelchair van.

Start with the reason for your immobility. If you have multiple sclerosis, see what the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has to offer in the way of funding. United Cerebral Palsy, the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation and other organizations specific to a particular mobility-affecting disease have funds available for individuals living with those issues. Check out community-based non-profits like the Masons, Lions Club, and Rotary Club. Whatever organization or financing option you choose, make sure to go through the proper channels to expedite your request. Also, before you apply to a particular funding organization–1) make absolutely sure the association or foundation helps individuals and not just non-profit organizations, and 2) ask specifically if the granting institution will help with big-ticket items like a wheelchair accessible van or other mobility equipment.

Grant funds are available to families caring for children with disabilities who need to be transported. Look into organizations like the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation, the Kaitlin Marie Bell Foundation, and the Disabled Children’s Fund.

Call the foundation or granting agency and learn everything you can about it. Most foundations and agencies will provide basic guidelines and an application form, either by mail or online. Always respond in their preferred method, which, today, is via the Internet.

Guidelines differ among organizations, so be sure to follow the guidelines to the letter for each one. Consider getting expert advice or assistance from a professional grant writer. Apply to as many organizations and granting agencies as you can find that specialize in mobility access. You can combine grant money from different organizations to purchase a single vehicle. And be prepared for the reality that your request may be rejected by some agencies, which is all the more reason to apply for as many as possible.