Government Assistance

If you’re on SSI (Social Security Income), you may be eligible for government assistance for purchasing your wheelchair van via the Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) program. The PASS plan encourages you to create a better standard of living for yourself. Your aspiration to go to school or work outside the home can result in a monthly van payment from the government.

As long as you work toward your goal, the money continues to be paid in full or part, depending on the cost of the vehicle. If non-profits come up short for you, this option may work.

Disabled veterans should first look into the Benefits Assistance service program through the US Veterans Administration. Service-connected disabled veterans should apply for an Auto-Adaptive Grant (or 21-4502). Application forms are available from agencies like the Paralyzed Veterans Association (PVA), your prosthetics department or a National Service Officer. Those not service-connected can still be eligible for a van; use form 10-1394. In both cases, you’ll need written prescriptions from your physician. Once you obtain the loan, you can begin working with a mobility dealer to find your handicap van.