Host a Fundraiser

Host a fundraiser, and put the “fun” in fundraiser with an imaginative idea and a little help from family and friends. Here are just a few of dozens of ideas: host a 5K/wheelchair race in your community, a Bingo night, a series of bake sales, host a spaghetti dinner at your house of worship, hold a carwash or an auction of items donated by family and friends.  Contact community outreach programs, houses of worship or other groups of people-for-a-cause who might be willing to lend a hand.

Start by getting a few fundraising ideas down on paper, and pull together a small team of family and friends to help you with the project. Let them help you choose the fundraising idea(s) they think are most feasible. Eventually, the core team becomes your “committee”, but put the word out to get as many volunteers as possible to assist with set-up, the event itself, and clean-up.

Open a bank account specifically for donation deposits. At the same time, launch a web site dedicated to your wheelchair van fundraising endeavors. Web sites are easy to build; get help if necessary. Make sure there’s a way for potential donors to give to your cause online.

Advertising is key to getting as many people as possible to attend your event(s) and donate. Take advantage of free and almost-free advertising opportunities. Local media (TV, radio, print) often provide pro bono advertising, and it’s possible one of these outlets may take up your cause and actively help. Find local sponsors to help you with money or an in-kind donation, like the free use of a neighborhood gas station or car wash facility. After the event remember to formally thank all the media, sponsors, your committee, and all the volunteers who spent time and money to help make your fundraising event a success.