Handicap Accessible Vehicle Styles

People buy vehicles that suit their needs—and their personality. If a wheelchair accessible minivan simply isn’t the way you roll, consider one of the other accessible vehicle styles. For example, some folks prefer the look and practicality of a pick-up truck. And, yes,  there are even modified pick-up trucks on the market, just waiting to take you on a free-wheeling, outdoor adventure. And that’s not all!

  • Wheelchair Accessible Minivan
    By far the most popular vehicle for handicap accessible conversion, the modified minivan is a highly compact, convenient way to give wheelchair users freedom and independence, both as the driver or as a passenger. Here’s why most people with disabilities choose to buy a handicap minivan
  • Most-Modified Wheelchair Accessible  Minivans
    Honda Odyssey MinivanEarly on, conversion manufacturers discovered that the minivan is the ideal vehicle for handicap access modification. With plenty of interior space for a wheelchair user and additional passengers, the minivan also has powered sliding back doors to make life that much simpler for people with disabilities and their families.
  • MV-1
    The MV stands for “mobility vehicle”, and it is not considered an SUV or a full-size van. Because the American-made MV-1 is the first handicap vehicle built solely for the purpose of wheelchair accessible transport, it is in a class by itself.
  • Taxi Cab/Non-Emergency Medical Transport
    Commercial uses for wheelchair accessible vans include taxi cabs and non-emergency medical transport. In cities where people depend heavily on public transportation, like New York City and Washington, DC, taxi cab companies often buy fleets of wheelchair accessible taxis to handle the demand.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Car
    A car cannot be wheelchair accessible to the extent that a ramp or lift allows the person sitting in the wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle, but a car can be equipped with mobility equipment so that a wheelchair user can either drive or be a passenger. The suitability of a handicap car often depends on the physical ability of the wheelchair user.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Full-size Van
    Full-size vans are advantageous mainly because of their size. There’s plenty of room to fit as many as two wheelchair users, and most caregivers can stand fully straight while securing the wheelchair, thanks to the often-raised roof. Even with two wheelchair users on board, you’ll have plenty of room in the back for cargo, luggage and additional passengers.
  • Wheelchair Accessible SUV
    Handicap accessible SUVs are in their infancy. Poor gas efficiency and restricted interior space make SUVs the least viable candidate for wheelchair/scooter conversion. Though SUV modification technology may improve in the future, as of 2013 only the driver’s side or front-passenger side of an SUV may be modified for accessibility
  • Wheelchair Accessible  Truck
    For those who just aren’t the minivan type, imagine yourself in a handicap accessible pick-up truck! An accessible pick-up truck is incredibly versatile and can be used for work and fun.