Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

Full-Size Wheelchair Vans
In contrast to a handicap accessible minivan, full-size wheelchair vans are advantageous mostly because of their size. There’s plenty of room to fit as many as two wheelchair users, and most caregivers can stand fully straight while securing the wheelchair, thanks to the often-raised roof. Even with two wheelchair users on board, you’ll have plenty of room in the back for cargo, luggage and additional passengers. There will never be a problem with ground clearance, because full-size vans sit much higher from the ground than minivans, which is why the bigger van usually requires a motorized lift rather than a ramp for entry and exit. A full-size handicap van is typically much more powerful than a minivan and has the ability to tow, if necessary. There are a couple of “cons”:

  • Fewer miles per gallon means more pain at the pump
  • The larger size makes a full-size van difficult to park in some situations

Some full-size wheelchair van conversion companies keep costs down by eliminating the high-end, luxury features, while including the essentials and a few high-demand extras. A word of caution: very often, full-size vans come with carpeted floors, and the carpeting might be no match for the wear-and-tear use from wheelchairs. Look for an industrial urethane-based anti-skid surface for longer-lasting, additional safety.

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