Handicap Accessible Pick-Up Truck

For those who just aren’t the minivan type, imagine yourself in a pick-up truck! An accessible pick-up truck is incredibly versatile and can be used for work and fun. If your business is agriculture, construction, landscaping or any other profession that might require pick-up and delivery of materials, the handicap accessible pick-up truck may be exactly what you’re hoping for in an accessible vehicle. And if you simply live for adventure, a modified, 4-wheel drive pick-up truck takes you off-roading and on the road to adventure. Either way, you look cool!

Pick-up truck conversions may or may not have a lowered floor, and either the driver’s side or passenger side can be modified for handicap entry and exit. There are several seating and lift options available. On the “con” side:

  • Pick-up trucks are expensive to convert
  • They use more gas

Automatic doors, hydraulic platform lifts and turn-out seating are just a few of the possible components of a wheelchair truck conversion. Find out more about optional handicap van features, including hand controls and transfer seats!