Handicap Van Features

When you decide to buy a handicap van, that’s just the first of many decisions you’ll make in the process, which is fully outlined in this guide. The handicap van features go far beyond the features found in standard vehicles. Do you plan to drive the van? Besides optional hand controls and other adaptive equipment, you’ll choose which conversion design best suits your lifestyle and more.

  • Conversion Options For Wheelchair Vans
    With handicap vans, form and function go hand-in-hand. There are six basic conversion options for accessible vans, with some mix-and-match opportunity.
  • Driving Aids for Drivers with Disabilities
    As more and more drivers with disabilities travel the highways and byways, a number of helpful adaptive technologies have hit the market, making life easier for people with mobility issues. These driving aids are tailor-made for your handicap accessible van or car.
  • Hand Controls Put You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
    The desire for independence is part of our nature. Regardless of our circumstances, we all strive for as much independence as possible, and nowhere is this more evident than in the community of people with disabilities.
  • Handicapped Minivan Safety
    The early history of minivans safety was somewhat checkered with disturbing reports of being too top heavy, overturning, or flipping easily. The media spun that story for awhile until manufacturers improved the minivan to become one of the most popular vehicles on the road today.
  • How Wheelchair Van Restraints Keep You Safe and Secure
    Not only are wheelchair restraints vital to the design and use of a handicap accessible van, these tie-down straps or electronic docking systems are a legally necessary safety precaution. Tie-down straps and docking systems keep the wheelchair user secure and safe while riding in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  • Lifts and Platforms for Transporting Wheelchairs
    Wheelchair users who don’t have a handicap accessible van with a ramp that allows you to ride in the van while seated in your wheelchair must have a way to transport your wheelchair, power chair or power scooter wherever you go via your vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, or pick-up truck. Here are a few of your options…
  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating
    For people with mobility limitations, entering and exiting a vehicle can be a slow, uncomfortable process—unless you have super-duper, special seating in your car or handicap accessible van. Let’s take a look at a few adaptive seating options that can make a dramatic difference in the ins and outs of vehicle travel for both wheelchair users and those with impeded mobility.
  • Portable Accessible Ramp
    The ADA has made handicap accessible ramps ubiquitous in all public spaces. But what happens when you find your travels take you to a location where a ramp isn’t available? That’s where a portable accessible ramp becomes invaluable.