Handicapped Minivan Safety

Handicap Minivan Safety
The early history of minivans is somewhat checkered with disturbing reports of being top-heavy, overturning, or flipping easily. The media spun that story for a while until manufacturers elevated the minivan to one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. This convenient way for moms to chauffeur the kids, their friends, the groceries and the dog around while feeling secure pushed manufacturers to address the early safety concerns. It wasn’t long before trailblazers discovered the minivan was the most user-friendly, easy-to-adapt vehicle for wheelchair access.

For a time, only the most affluent people could purchase an accessible, modified vehicle for handicap transport; the expense was prohibitive. With an increasing number of wheelchair-restricted healthy individuals driving handicapped minivans to work every day, the cost is no longer prohibitive. Because of growing competition between manufacturers for the lucrative handicapped minivans market, drivers with disabilities, wheelchair users unable to drive, and their family members have benefited from lower prices and greater functionality.

When deciding which of the many handicapped minivans on the market to buy, be sure to review the safety features the conversion manufacturer has incorporated into the vehicle’s construction to be assured of its dependability. The safety of a handicapped minivan is tested by the conversion manufacturer. Handicapped minivans are tested according to the strictest Federal Safety Standards and include government-monitored crash tests. You can view these standards at the Department of Transportation website at www.nhtsa.dot.gov.

Reputable companies, including AMSVans.com, WAVans.com, and AAVans.com, always put safety first, with highly experienced staff maintaining quality controlled environments and continually pushing the “safety” envelope through education and innovation. Along with the Federal Safety Standards tests, some manufacturers institute additional safety checks to ensure the owners of handicapped minivans that they’ve purchased the safest and most road-reliable vehicle available.

Someone once said, “Safety isn’t just a slogan. It’s a way of life.” Make sure the handicap accessible van company you choose subscribes to that belief.