Lifts and Platforms for Transporting Wheelchairs

Need a Lift?

Outside lift for an accessible vehicle
Wheelchair users who don’t have a handicap accessible van with a ramp that allows you to ride in the van while seated in your wheelchair must have a way to transport your wheelchair, power chair, or power scooter wherever you go via your vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, or pick-up truck. Lifts and platforms are great options for your accessible vehicle.

Outside Lift

A motorized outside lift arm with a folding platform is mounted to the back of your car, van, or pick-up truck. When the platform isn’t in use, it folds up, so the platform rides parallel to the back of the car or van. When your wheelchair is ready for transport, the touch of a button on a hand-held remote control lowers the mechanized arm with the platform to the ground and extends the platform outward to rest flat on the ground. The user simply rides the chair or scooter onto the platform and exits. If the user is already in the vehicle, the caregiver positions the mobility device on the platform. The chair or scooter is either automatically secured to the platform or tied to the platform with special restraints or retractable belts. Pressing another button raises the platform to a safe level for transport and lowers when you arrive at your destination.

Lift Assist

A lift assist helps you get an unoccupied wheelchair, power chair or power scooter from the ground into the back of a van or pick-up truck. A motorized arm is mounted to the inside of the cargo space of your vehicle. To get the wheelchair into the vehicle, the press of a button swings the arm out and lowers a cable with a docking appliance to the level you require. When you secure your wheelchair to the docking appliance, another button retracts the cable and then swings the arm with your wheelchair back into the cargo area, where it remains until you get where you’re going.

Platform Lift and Store

Platform lift and store for handicap accessible vehicle
This design features a platform that lifts the mobility device from the ground and stores it into the cargo area of a full-size van, minivan or pick-up truck. The base of the equipment, consisting of a lift arm and track, is mounted inside the cargo area of the vehicle. Again, all you need are the buttons that slide the platform out of the cargo area and lower the platform to the ground. When the unoccupied chair or scooter is secured to the platform, another button lifts the platform to the level of the cargo-space floor and slides it along the track until the platform is safe and secure inside the vehicle. Shut the door, and you’re on your way!

Platform Lift with Wheels

wheelchair lift and trailer
Wheelchair transportation on wheels! With this equipment, your mobility device rides behind the vehicle on a platform affixed to a base equipped with tires. Essentially, this is a small trailer with tires, and it’s hitched to the back of your car or SUV. A motorized lift arm takes the platform from ground level, where the wheelchair accesses and exits the platform, to a safe level for travel. When you get home and park in your garage, the platform folds up, so your garage door can close easily.

If you choose a lift or platform that transports your wheelchair or scooter outside the vehicle, keep it dry and safe from inclement weather—cover it with a tarp or a protective, all-weather-resistant cover made especially for your chair or scooter. Also, platforms and lifts typically have a weight maximum, so be sure to do research before making your purchase.

Medicare and most major insurance companies might not cover the cost of a lift, so you should check with your local Medicare office and your insurance company. The good news? Most major vehicle manufacturers like GM, Chrysler and Toyota offer mobility equipment reimbursement. Off you go now!