Buy a Wheelchair Accessible Van Locally or Via Internet

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The long-standing tradition of buying a wheelchair van at a local dealer is being strongly challenged by the 21st-century trend to buy a handicap van online. Because the Internet has become a safer, more secure and often more cost-effective way to purchase merchandise, including big-ticket items like cars and boats, many people are finding exactly what they need–and can afford–in an accessible van through an online search. This is particularly good news for people with disabilities who live in rural areas and might be hundreds of miles away from the nearest handicap vehicle dealer. Of course, both options have advantages and disadvantages.

When searching locally, you interact with the salesperson face to face, and you can get a sense of the company’s integrity first-hand. Many customers feel more comfortable seeing the

Meet your wheelchair van dealer
vans in person and having the opportunity to try it out before taking the van home. By and large, this is probably the most significant advantage of a local dealership. On the downside, the selection might be limited, even if you’re fortunate enough to have a dealer relatively close by. Because of this, local dealers will often attempt to steer you away from an Internet dealer. Local wheelchair van dealers have a facility, so their overhead is high, which drives up the prices on their vans. They purchased the vehicle from the manufacturer who made money on the product as well as the cost of delivery. Many believe it’s safer and more convenient to buy from a local dealer, especially if the van conversion needs service, but the reality is that online dealers have a network of certified repair shops throughout the country to accommodate their customers.

The Internet gives you the opportunity to buy an accessible van directly from the conversion manufacturer. For example, when customers buy used wheelchair vans online from AMS Vans, they pay thousands of dollars less than they would at a dealer. As an online customer, you’ll have your choice of a brand-new van with a new conversion, a used van with a new conversion, or a used van with a used conversion, offering you an enormous selection and a wide variety of price points that guarantee you’ll find something within your price range. You’ll work with an experienced mobility consultant, just as you would at a local dealer, but it will be via phone or email. Based on your input, the online mobility consultant will select the absolute best van for you, and have it delivered to your front door. Reputable online van dealers have their vehicles delivered to their customers by a mobility professional, who takes as long as necessary to explain the complete operation of the handicap van until the customer feels comfortable handling the van. A Carfax report should be provided at your request. If you wish, you can have your van delivered to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection for around $100. Only the best online van dealers will offer you the opportunity to refuse the van at the time of delivery if you’re not 100% satisfied. The mobility professional will return the van and your money will be fully refunded with no questions asked.

Buy your wheelchair van locally
Working with a online handicap vehicle dealer lets you browse available-van images on your computer, read descriptions, and chat with a mobility consultant–all from the comfort of your home. It allows you to make a well-thought-out decision without the high-pressure pitch from a salesperson at a local dealership. It’s likely the significant disadvantage of never seeing your handicap van until it’s delivered to your driveway is far outweighed by the thousands of dollars you can save by buying online. Accredited, experienced Internet dealers provide everything you need to know about warranties, title transfer, and all the typical paperwork that goes along with purchasing a vehicle.

Perhaps the smartest thing to do is explore both avenues–check out your local dealership and spend some time on your computer to search online wheelchair van dealers. When you see what both have to offer, you stand an excellent chance of making the right decision.